Monday, August 11, 2008

Did You Hear The Bell

If school hasn't already started for your family, if applicable... it will be starting soon and I'm hoping you're ready. Your procrastination in the beginning will sometimes set the scene for the rest of the year or even your life. Be on time, be prepared and be successful.

Have You(if applicable and not necessarily in this order)

Chosen your school
Registered for the new year
Had any needed immunizations
Stocked up on school supplies
Acquired school uniforms
Visited the school
Spoke with any officials
Received a class schedule
Made transportation arrangements
Made after school arrangements
Decided a school meal plan-take in or eat in
Instilled important values for the new year

If you answered no to any of the above and some that may not be mentioned, according to your age/need category, I won't say you're slipping, but I will say... Please hurry; make this your best year. You or your childs future, are reflected from your actions today!