Wednesday, December 24, 2008


How does it happen?
Where did the time go and why wasn't I a part of it?
Yea... I've gotten caught up on the online ride, and
I've somehow closed that gate behind me. I locked it and
can't get out. Is there anybody out there? Can you see
me inside here? If you look really close, you can see
my hands. Pull me please, just a tug... Nope.

I'm still here.
Talk to me, so that I can follow the sound of your voice.
Maybe if I hear your sign of life, it'll guide me to
the exit. Just maybe I can gravitate toward your heat.
Ok wait, I think I see your frame... gesture hello
by waving your arms and maybe I can... Nope
That's my shadow, it's clear I'm here alone.

Did you get the draft that I'd be away?
Find that memo and retrace my steps. I'm still
here. Yes, I've gotten detained by the waves of
distraction. I'm trapped within the lines of seperation
Stuck right dab in the middle of me.

Can someone please unlock me, I'm trapped
in here, missing myself as I go by!