Sunday, December 30, 2012

I Can With A Plan

Every year about this time or prior to, we make plans to do something differently and or other than that of what we'd succumbed to in the previous year. Most of us will repeat the same goal or "resolution" year after year because we don't have a sufficient plan of action vs reaction.

Perhaps this year, we can gather our goals, plan to come close, if not fully achieve them. That way, the next year will yield a smaller task if any. I say if any because, there's always room for personal growth; yet there are some that will become content with the goals sustained from the current year.

Setting smaller goals is the key to avoiding disappointment and or failure. Instead of visualizing yourself owning a fortune 500 company, tell yourself... this year, I'm gonna get a better idea of what it is I'm aiming for, in terms of what my skill level or mastered accomplishments will net me; later birthing them into a bountiful existence.

Instead of saying, I'm gonna lose over 50 pounds to look like my favorite star or glamorous/masculine idol, determine to put forth an effort to lose enough to make a noticeable/comfortable difference, within yourself. Cutting calories and keeping physically active is the one sure inexpensive way to succeed. Persistence is the hard part. Results will be seen if you start, Success will be achieved if you finish.

On quitting smoking. I once had a friend tell me that smoking is just
a habit of action. Something to do with your hands, a thought partner, a mood dis-tractor. The actual act of taking in smoke, is where you question the need/addiction. Smoke is smoke. If a house is on fire, do you approach the area to consume the remnants of it's smoke? When trash is burning, do you lean in and inhale the essence of burning garbage? Exactly... although deriving from various sources, it's all still just smoke. You can do without it. Find something productive to do with your hands. Put your thoughts on paper, count to 10 and take deep shallow breaths to calm an ill mood. It works and is not smelly or health depriving to say the least.

Whatever New Goal you set "this year", take your time and have a plan!