Sunday, July 24, 2011

You Early This Morning

The miles prevent me from touching your face and oh how I'd love to smell you. I was awakened by you at the peak of dawn, but just the same, I embrace you.

As I told you before, there's nothing outside, that can keep me from wanting to have you. Even bareness or absence of limbs and teeth, wont stop me from yearning to love you.

When our day comes, don't act surprised by my actions or how I greet you. I'll be off guard or shy at first, by my privilege to finally meet you.

If there's any doubt that I've been groomed for you, in the years before I found you; Just retrace your steps with all that went wrong with the others that could have bound you.

You were placed here for we, yep you and just me; to finally express our talents. To learn and share from each others past, our union of a perfect balance.

You complete me as I compliment you, all while sharing this morning.