Saturday, May 2, 2009

Following The Leader or The Loser

Alright, I just joined twitter and have no immediate idea of what
the heck I'm doing. I do learn fast so hopefully, my lil hints of
"what I'm doing" will fit right in with the episodes of what
everyone else has already done.

I jumped in there and started searching for people and closed my
eyes and opted to "follow" whom I hope is the real him or her. I
chose Jim Jones first because he's sexy like shit; and I'm loving Na
Nana Na. In between Oprah whom I've followed for years via her show,
in which I've sent videos and letters in tears or jumped on the
boards to share an experience(damn I hope I'm following her correctly now), I searched for this one Man that I couldn't for the life of me get a hint of his name. I said the alphabet a few times since doing this helps me pin point the first letter of a name. No luck.

So I followed some more people(twitters). I love Kem, his soft sounds are oh so soothing to my inner savage beast. I got Hugh Jackman because I saw him run naked in some scene and loved that he was so in touch with himself that he could share and not give change for a fuqq who didn't like it. I don't know why I'm following Shaq(not a bb fan) but so many are and he's tall like this cat I'm following outside of twitter. I'll follow Serena Williams because she's simply followable(is that a word). She is definitely a leader and I love tennis, so why not latch on?!
Whew, Busta Rhymes can bust me upside my back any time he gets a notion to. Ole sexilicious so n so!
Now it comes down to ok it's 3 a.m.ish and it would be somewhat of a
shame if these ppl aren't who they say and I hope they are. I found
Will Smith whom I've rapped along with since Fresh Prince and I love
that he and Jada are together so much that if it were ever not in
existence, I'd have to sign up for a couple of hope intervention or
some shit because I do believe they complete and compliment each
other well; when we are and are not watching. Tyrese looks like he
can break some shit off in your azz like whoa... thank you daddy.
Common is just so seriously serious with his flow or order period.
Tyler Perry is so effin impressive that I'd be lame not to follow
em. Neyo and "Say It" lil boy.... you owe me a flock a new panties!!
Brad Pitt gained my interest with Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Troy, mmm
dude, you got some fancy goin ons goin on. Chrisette Michele because
I featured her video of "If I Have My Way" on
my tagged page and the
guys seriously let their wall down and complimented my choice so I
ran into "Like A Dream" and sang it til I cried my punk ass off.
Samuel Jackson is just a cool Mutha Fucka. He reminds me of my dad
in his more functional days. Thom Hanks is good in a lot of movies
but I could watch "Cast Away" everyday all day because being that I
reside alone, I find myself lookin for a "W-I-L-S-O-N" to vent my
shit to. I'm following Snoop Dogg because I have got to be the oldest triple OG of em all and I just freak'n like this cat!!
Okay... the man I was hunting for that I found midway through the
others from scanning one of their lists, is Tavis Smiley. I watched
his body movements, his facial expressions, his ring finger, his
posture and ok you get it... I said to myself, self... I will fuqq
him and fix his plate, fix his tie, get that lint off his shoulder
and ummm yea. Sad thing is that I have no idea what show he's on, or
what he was saying while he hosted it; I just dig him waaay big and
I respect his swagger. But wait........ then I got an email that he
was following me back so I brushed my teeth and sat up straight in
hopes that he really is. Like is he watching while I walk away.

Now I get a second alert that a guy by the name of Brad Bechler is
following me so I'm impressed because he's handsome but I'm yet to
figure him completely into a category but he's watchable so I'm
watchin. Dozed off, awoke to see that Will Smith was following me,
WTF... is he really? Girl brush yo teeth again, fix yo scarf, clean ya glasses and pray it's really him and he stumbles onto
my spot and reads something that holds him there long enough to say, "Hey Jada, baby? come ere, read this"(giggle).
Oh and the Indy channel network a ma jigga is on my tail too so I'm just glad they've latched on and hope I don't waste any of their time!