Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Need To Proceed

Shaken and stirred... that's the end result of my first and with my giving it to a higher power, the last automobile collision I was involved in. A couple days ago, I was in a leisurely pursuit of tomatoes, when a matter of lights, speed, carelessness and impact, landed me in a whole nuther pursuit.

I saw the offending vehicle approaching but there was no way possible to reverse the inevitable. I just braced for the contact. With the rate of speed the perpetrator was going and the ancient steel he was pushing, it's a miracle I'm typing today.

I was unharmed physically; however, mentally I'm still in awe that the event actually occurred given my extent of defensiveness. Well things happen as a cause and affect in life, and what ever the cause, the affect finds me open to the new road which is paved for me. I'm not bitter, I've taken a sort of eye opening link and line to proceed in a better direction with my life. In which I'm grateful to be in possession of, after the lights changed.