Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Color Of Ouch

Whew, what a yesterday and a day before. The ouch on the day before was internal but due; the ouch yesterday was physically - literally pain provoking. I was rushing to plate my new vehicle because I so dislike having a temporary paper plate displayed. I unbeknownst to me was breaking the law in previous years from immediately applying my prior vehicle plate and riding on until the expiration date. So yea-no, if stopped for anything, the plate would never have matched the vehicle. Whoops... I'm so glad I know better now.

Oh yea back to the ouch. I'm removing my legal paper plate; one side off, moving to the other side, securing bracket firmly when the screw driver slips and punctures my pointer finger about a 1/4 of an inch in. YOW... it didn't hurt at first, but seeing the indentation and the dark red bubble building was enough to bring down the series of uh ohs. I thought about the MRSA virus, the tetanus shot I've neglected to boost on for greater than 25 years, the dust and metal fragments... OH ok you follow me.

Once I secured the "legal" metal plate, I searched for something to wrap in until I made it home, yea all of the above took place in the BMV parking lot. The only thing I could find was a Sight Savers alcohol wipe for cleaning my glasses, but it was sanitary and a good choice. I had one more stop which was on the way and I made it home within 15 - 20 minutes of the bleed. Rinsed, applied hydro cortisone and a pretty lil orange band aid. I have all of these scary after thoughts so I preceded to take my temp and blood pressure every 3 minutes until I got a perfect reading on the pressure and called the hosp. They concurred that I'd done everything correctly but upon asking, they heard of my tingly feeling and prompted me into the ER.

About 2 1/2 hours in, I'm sitting between very loud unruly children, dodging eye contact with strangers and being seemingly disregarded as so much as being there; so I jumped up, shouted some profanities, told them to keep the effin arm to diagnose it's injured finger tip and just let me leave. I completed this circle of BS back to my seat where I was called about 5 minutes later. X rayed and out the door 20 minutes later, home right before one of the worst storms this season.

Smiling and now wearing a pretty bright blue band aid and feeling fine. Can I have a sucker or something please?! A nice red one will suffice :smirk: