Friday, June 5, 2009

The Other Shoe - For Foots Sake

Well it's about time
I've finally met my match and don't know how to check mate it.
See, what - is - was - had - happened - is - was(giggle)... for about 10 months I'd been typin, textin, snail mail'n, planning with and talking to this guy right?; Well we have everything in common except for gender and size, the rest is highly reflective of one another. So.... he was having a bad week, I was having my usual, which is usually provoked and can go either up down in out or off the charts, given the mood. I can usually vent my series of shit and get away with it but not with this cat. He called me on my crap and tossed it right back at me. Now - I was gonna say the exact same thing offensively as he said to me, but since he said it first, I let him be the bad guy and called the whole thing off. I miss him but I'm actually scared now that there is a male version of me out here and he's bigger than me. I said some pretty harsh stuff of course, before hanging up the phone, but girls do that. Guys are supposed to listen and make it all better. Or are they? I don't wanna make up first but I kinda sorta don't think it was big enough to dismiss entirely. BUT if he's just like me, I better let it go because I am a loaded gun and a "two gun" household can only get filthy if they both are cocked at the same time! Yea... I better go over there and fill my corner. I'm not coming out while he's still standing. I won't win...
Unlace me!!