Saturday, July 11, 2009

It's Eating Me Back

I am an extreme chocoholic. I especially love the darkest of the dark; however, I can find love in any hue of the delicacy. Well I'd been experiencing excruciating pain in my chest and my first thought was, "No No, not a heart attack", "I've just began to live again".

I drove to the emergency room yesterday and spilled my spill on my purpose for being there and was immediately catered to. Other than the seriousness of my ailment, I think the 6:00am hour played a big part in my concurrence of attention. There was hardly no one there; so either pain and deterioration is a nightly thing, or it was literally a day that all was well.

My diagnoses was, Reflux Esophagitis and it's number two on the list culprit was, chocolate. Oh no... I'd even taken it with me on my visit to aid in the wait time. My lil hard headed tail even ate it upon arriving home from the diagnosis. What's a girl to do when her one true love(next to peanut butter) does not love her back?

I'm just gonna have to find a supplemental love. It's over, another break-up! I feel fine today, long regimen workup, but I'm good.