Monday, January 16, 2012

Like Wind To A Dandelion

Beautiful things come and go. Most of the time you can pinpoint the arrival and departure of seasonal things. Every now and then an unexpected awe striking substance will appear, taking you by surprise. The entire time it was in your presence, you were amazed, delighted, overwhelmed yet welcoming.

You underestimate how temporary such a gem could be. You never knew you'd miss it. You never thought it's limited duration would be so short lived because it bears a lifetime of once believed to be extinct occurrences. An awakening of love, kindness, acceptance, patience and enlightenment.

If something can come in for a brief time and demonstrate an infinity of esteem, why aren't we wise enough to grasp it and make it a stationary piece of our lives. It's simply because we're afraid. We're afraid to touch it, uncertain of it's frailty thus we ignore it so not to disturb it's beauty with our insecurities.

The presence of our beautiful things like a dandelion, will wither and blow away when care, concern, acknowledgment and perseverance aren't expressed. Don't let your beautiful thing blow away, nurture your new finding and hopefully, just maybe you'll get it to stay.