Thursday, July 30, 2009

Playing The Numbers

(sigh)... forget this, I'm bored. I wanna call someone but who. Lets see, nah not him, he'll think too much into it and I'm done with that scene. Ou yea If I call him - I know the sky's the limit, shopping, eating, touring the city. Nah then we'll get in too late and he'll try to stay the night. Cant have that. I wonder what HE's doin. Well I better not call, he's always busy... that's a red flag. Either he's just not that into me or he's TOO busy for me. Keep'n it movin... ummm oh ok - I know ... here it goes:

riiiing (damn first ring, he must be bored too) Hi there, long time no hear stranger(pause)
receiver: What's up baby?
the user(me): Do you have to ask, I need somn t'do
receiver: What u wanna do? You know I have nothing but time for U
the user(me):*blush* You call it. All I need to know is if it's a heel or sneaker night.
receiver: The court is lit wanna play tennis?
the user(me): No I've done that, gimme somn else...
receiver: I know... lets shoot some pool
the user(me): Bet, so it can go either way. Heels or sneakers
receiver: Yeaaaa baby, I love when yo short ass rock da heels. Especially on the table. I'll be there in a half.
the user(me): iight and don't blow, I'll see ya pull up

tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick t...

driver: Hey U - damn u look and smell good
the user(me): Heya back - Thank you suga
driver: Where's ya man
the user(me): who? I'm single for real this time
driver: Yea right
the user(me): uh hun... I'm grooming for the right one
driver: what U got to groom, your star is on point
the user(me): Attitude.......
driver: whew yea - you need some work right there on ere thang
the user(me): *punch to the arm* whateva *smirk*

yada yada yada etc.

me(the user): dang it's packed but I'm good come on
me(the user): no table, so while we waitn - lemme get some hot wings w/extra celery and blue cheese , a fried veggie platter and a sex on the beach.
unsuspected: I gotchu baby
me(the user): Thank you daddy
unsuspected: There U go...
me(the user): wha? I call ere body that when they coo. Ou a table...
me(the user): *bending over - smilin- biting on tongue - bumping into (receiver/driver/unsuspected) losing - pouting- winning - prancing - singing - blushin - dancing- bumping into whashisname- taking off heels - repeating the bend smile bite bump - lost 2 outta 3 - ready to go*
unsuspected: ahhh I spank that ass ere time girl, you can't get me
me(the user): thats ok I'm gettin better so... ou look teddy bears
unsuspected: you want one? {brat}
me(the user): yes sir and I heard you too. Thank you

yada yada yada yada .......

him: so... since u ain't got no man, what else can I help u with?
me: hol on, *runs in house-grabs some things-runs back out* here...
him: see, you on some BS... I know that ain't trash?
me: uh hun, come on now
him: maaaaan, so now what
me: call me tomorrow *turns to walk away*
him: {rolls up window and pulls off}
me: showered and in my special night shirt, no longer bored, just sleepy
him:*prolly cussing me out - out loud at every light on the way home*
me: wha?... we both had fun. what else was there to do


You: I'm glad she ain't got my number
me: *rolling eyes* I can get it...
You: yep, it's ***-****
me: *wink*