Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Handle With Care

Dear Reader

I am pleased to inform you that you are accepted. You are very much appreciated and highly valued. I'm sure you get down sometimes; the majority of us do. Of course you've done some things in your lifetime that was against your better judgement. Perhaps told a lie or two. Cheated on a test, stolen something, maybe worse than that.

Just when you thought you were all alone, even if you thought no one cares; remember someone always does. So what if no one speaks to you all day. No one calls, knocks or writes. You've spent days ill and no one even knew. You've conquered your biggest feat and there's no one to tell.

Guess what, I care that you're here reading this. I care that you find me interesting enough to share your time with me. I care that you may find this at a time when the words will settle in and make sense or a big difference to you. But even if I didn't, or no one else appears to reach out, as long as YOU care, You'll be just fine. Don't ever forget about YOU and someone will always be there. That someone is You.

Gratefully Yours
The Author