Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It Doesn't Matter

Do you really think that I would care that you're an all around guy? A guy that's had his share of dates and experiences far beyond mine? As long as you've been safe in your practices and not place me as a girl easily mislead or naive, we'll get along just fine.

Why do you feel you have to tri so hard to prove you're better than him? There should be no competition between you and a past relationship, because he's no longer here. I've chosen you and I promise to be faithful and cherish you from every angle.

Oh no, just because you are slow to learn or pegged as being a square, doesn't mean I'm wiser than you or beyond your time. It's a fact that I'm still learning too. You don't have to be a street wise guy or a book worm to be with me. Be yourself with your head held high and together we'll get it right.

Trust me when I say... It doesn't matter !