Wednesday, January 18, 2012


There are gonna be days when you flat out don't like me. And I'm sure I won't like you. Sometimes we'll wish we never met. At least once a week our smiles will be upside down because we didn't get our way. Sometimes I won't say a word to you, for fear it won't be nice. I'm gonna yell and cry and sulk, or start to pace or clean. I might even say I hate you.
But... that's not really what I mean.

While all the time I'm acting out, I'm thinking... let this not be too much. I hope it's perceived as just. Please receive my tone with an open mind, or accept that it's yours, you earned it. I'm never exempt from apologizing, and can agree to disagree. You may not feel the same but that's ok, it's fine. So anytime I strike a nerve, and you need to vent some anger, go right ahead... I can take it, especially if it's mine.

Even though we're together, it seems like we're apart. But there is truly nothing, notta, no one that can tear you from my heart.
Will you say the same to me? Not everyday, just sometimes?!