Wednesday, June 22, 2011

5 Year Fetch

There is always someone that asks, "where do you see yourself in 5 or more years?" Interesting enough, when you're a multitasker you ponder where or what you'll do in the next 5 minutes. You set out to have the best family, job, the best car, home, body and it back strokes to the best shoes, sandwiches, hair style and the best deepest undisturbed sleep. What you once dreamed of is no more or seemingly out of reach. All you set out to do, never got done. Losing track of your goals doesn't mean they aren't attainable; it only means other options and or ideas have taken precedence for now. Recapturing what you anticipated may or may not be pragmatic, having an alternate goal is foreseeable. No matter what you set out to do or acquire, is still up to you to pursue. There is no time line, or deadline that depicts you as a failure as long as there is breath in your being. It's never too late, but I most likely won't pursue that fantastic job or fastest car when I'm in my mid 80's, but I still can have the sweetest nursing home attendant, better health, the best family, comfortable shoes, very appealing wigs, denture friendly foods and my most accomplished... a mild case of narcolepsy. So to sum it all up, in five years, I will probably be re-posting this because I'm still not in possession of my goals or have achieved them, yet am convincing someone else that they too can evoke greatness or start again.