Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Bi-Curious Addiction

Hi, My name is Angie and I'm an addict.

Hi Angie....
My drug of choice is food. I termed myself as Bi Curious
because I've never shown preference nor prejudice in a particular brand name, flavor, or method of preparation.

For instance, One of my oldest relationships is with Colonial Sanders, currently masking or possibly hiding from me under the aka... KFC. I came familiar with Lil Debbie as a kid also but showed no favoritism between her and Sarah Lee. Wendy was nice but I'd frequent between her and Mc Donald's; sorta Rally'n between em.

The bigger names came into play once I matured and had a family of my own. I rewarded them and myself with Country Buffets and we hurried in like a Ponderosa that had never eaten. The Ryan's didn't mind, it was like a financial benefit to them; a Golden Coral affect. It was like a dream complete with White Castles, stars and Red Lobsters, a fairy tale of temptations.

I'd run into Keeblers for days at a time and we'd sit and stare at one another until one by one, they were gone and I remained in shame that I'd somehow gotten rid of em all. It's a Puff Corn delight to know I'm not alone.

Don't get me wrong, I was berry disciplined when it came to the healthy stuff too; Pomegranates, Blueberries, Raspberries and Pineapples etc. My consummatory behaviour was promiscuous; a Kumquat per se.

One day at a time is my answer. I tried moderation, fasting, even Bulimia and admit I need help.

Lettuce pray... Dear Lord, guide me not toward the fridge or cupboard, but to your will which is free from the sin of gluttony. Amen

Amen Angie... keep coming bac