Wednesday, December 16, 2009

just Who DO I Think I Am

I know everyone has heard the saying of someone not wanting someone or thing, however not wanting anyone else to have it or them. Well that's me... I am so silly wit it. I'm like a kid when it comes to don't touch my stuff-ess(es). I have ex boy friends that I almost despise and wouldn't be with them if selective Siamese spouse syndrome was a law.(where do I come up with these terms) BUT, I don't want anyone else to have em. I get so mad when anyone is getting the attention I once had. It's like I want the person to self destruct if we're not together. I need to get my shiz together. Fo real. It's draining me.

How bout having garments that you never wear, seriously pondering giving it to a charitable organization and as soon as someone else shows an interest, it becomes your favorite thing. I'm such a brat and it gets worse every year like a curious case of "Brenda Buttons" or some shiz. I'm sitting here conveying this now, sucking my bottom lip, sporting two shiny twisted pony tails and wanting to curl up with my teddy bear(seriously routine). All that's missing is a 24 hour run of the Flintstones, some popcorn littered with walnuts and my green tea. The green tea and walnuts give me a sense of maturity so I don't totally lose my way.

The cutest thing is that my "me-ness" is expected, accepted and ignored....just enough to satisfy me; like a colicky kid that'll wear itself out eventually. I sure hope so, it's exhausting being me. Sometimes I flat out make me sick, wit my ole flaky azz.

Where's my blanky....