Sunday, December 13, 2009

Why Are YOU So Angry

Whether it be Tiger, Bill, David, Tameka or any other public figure that you once admired, if your initial interest was developed because of what they portray as a sportsman, leader, commentator, singer, actor/tress or what ever lured you, what does their relationship with their spouse and a higher power have to do with your slighted interest now? As long as they've repented to their immediate victims of betrayal, why should you denounce him/her? Unless them being loyal, faithful or otherwise committed to their relationships is what made them your hero", their "tail tours" (yea we'll call it that)are no concern of yours! It's okay to have feelings of anger and consternation by the obvious pain the spouse endures, but they aren't cheating on YOU or what attracted you.

You've appointed them as more than just your hero, because if you hate them now, you were in it for something totally different. If you want a perfect spokesperson, sportsman, performer or leader, maybe you'll be best for that job if perfect is what you seek. YOU are perfect right? Oh...okay well

Keep it quiet or keep it movin... I'm sure they appreciate the fans but to cast stones and revoke attention and or promotions is BS.
Just my two cents and I can spend it however I wish!!