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Where Is It

Sunday, January 10, 2010

**Breaking Mutha Fuqq'n News

This just in: We're on the scene with a compulsion shopper
Shopper give your name (Angie)(WOO HOO)[does various random dances][smirking with her tongue extended while poppin n lockin]

Did you find everything you were looking for?(Oh Em Gee)(Yesh - This sale is ba-NA-nas)(I went in-in pursuit of 2 favorites in which I'd previously researched, and found those two items along with 3 other favorite scents at MUCH lower discounted prices) (WOOOOOOOO)

So I can guess you're pretty excited?[STOPs-thinkaboutit] (fuckumean? helltotheyea) (c'mon son, didn't you hear what I just said?)(Geez - thatsawrap)
[moon with an alternating crypt walk(s)away]

ooKay[stunned]...there you have it; as you just heard, another satisfied customer. Ed back to U