Tuesday, January 12, 2010

**Due Props In Standard/Ebonic Format

{shaking my head in disbElief} Music: I love it all but have several female favorites like; Mary J. Blige, Toni Braxton, Heather Headley, Sade and Patti Labelle. Awlah nem{all of them} can keep me subdued. So if I'm trip'n emotionally, just singit, playit or effit... If I'm clown'n too bad, break down and go get one of em and the battle is won.

OK gettin back to the "awe". This chick righ here, NO this one right here... yea her---> Alicia [Augello Cook] Keys, woooooo baby. Now, I can be easily turned against an artist because another muh effa is steady stackin pedastals beneath em and it's annoying as fuqq.
For instance, one of my sisters is/was in love with Luther Vandross to the extent of placing his album cover at the table in front of a set place, getting dressed for an extreme first impression, I'm talking hair, makeup, long flowing gown and 8inch lashes or however they're measured(I do no faux-so i'ont know - well a lil hair now n then but makeup n lashes n nails no)sit at the table with the lights demmed, pointing out how he's gazing back at her; a buncha bullscripts. Can you say, "mad cows disease" aiight, she ain't no cow but I wanted to brand that bytch witta shoe. Anyway I never did get the op to fully enjoy Luther because she tore that up.

Now, I was dating this kat back in "04" and he would call and say, "turn to such n such channel, licia Keys ownair"<--on there. I'd tune in just to hear him go on about what a bad bytch she is like..."look atter - look atter - what bytch u know can sing and play like dat? damn, loo-->" until I said if you say that onemOmuthafuqqin time, Im a hang up. So HE tore that up for me. UNTIL ->see I already liked "U don't know my name" because I think Mos Def is kew, then I saw her in Secret Life Of Bees where her character "June" was the cutting image of one of my personalities. Yall know I'm a multitalented/bipolar/bytch right? okay jus makin sure u follow'n. Another piece of me was seen in "May" I'm boutta build a Wailing Wall outta crackers or somn as soon as i'm done here. Anyway, I loved her there but still kept my distance.

I have this erotic author dude friend that puts all his "art"[we'll call it that]to music and he always selects something I can feel. I'm listening...peek up @ his "art" I'm listening... what the?[full body chills].... who the fuqq is that?? I googled the few lyrics within the melody and attached it to Alicia, "Feeling U Feeling Me" #12 bay b on the
diary of HER talented ass' cd from 12-2-03. Yep I own it now...late but, yep!


Y'aaallllll, do you hear dis bytch? do you hear dis bytch? do you~>? ... I'm bout to piss everyone oFF in traffic, bout to drive around the block 12 times reeeal slow bumping it on the last notch to the right. Do you hear dis.....I like you `licia n that's "my OWN opinion". I wonder what wussiname{whats his name}is up to-he ain't gone b-lee this. He was right!...yea, she kew