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Saturday, January 9, 2010

An Es[scent]ual Intervention

Hellllllp I am outta control. I am so addicted to fine scents and knowing that Christmas, Mother's Day and Valentines Day is when the stores get jazzy and break out the gift sets, has me in an extreme state of anxiety. Even worse is after the holiday sales, the clearance of overstock starts taunting me. I own so many brands of perfume/cologne, scented creams n butters, that I could open a lil outlet shop. I'd call it Angie's Ambrosian Aftermath or some shyt. Well even though I can't afford it, I have 2 more separate{from multiple stores} shipments of 2-7 items per box on the way. Thus far in 2010, I've added 12 to my already full armoire not including the anticipated 9.

I'm crying out for help as I set the clock because another department store has a sale for tomorrow only, offering an additional percentage off previous mark downs. Booo hooo hooo...
I wonder if it's starting @ midnight, [booo hoo] technically it will be Sunday right?[sniffle]
I'll give em til 12:27 or or or... I can get some sleep right?, Then show up at the store about 4 minutes after they open around umm 10 a.m. on Sunday's right? Yea I'll do that. I'll give em til 3 minutes after 10.
Good night y'all, I have to be back up by midnight. A full 52 minutes. I got this down to a science. Nite!!