Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Most Twittertained By

I'm not easily entertained, it takes a lot to grasp my attention at times because I'm so busy inside myself learning and searching for validation with the choices I make. There is no broad friend base and I prefer that to an entourage. I see a squad of extra bodies as a bill; a tab ran merely by adverse association.

I done a lot of filtering at a young age from those that can, will, have, will not, better not and simply don't add benefit to my existence. Therefore I'm good with the limited company of a few friends and select family. If you noticed my comment sections are disabled by choice to not include input or judgement of my spillings. This is simply a spot to get it out of me. Sorta enabling growth of more me. The vents vary from a needed laugh, fun, serious, poems and tutorials that I have first hand experience with. I ont do much hear say. I primarily trust my own. I'm learning a bit more each day. So I need the internal room.

Frequenting twitter is my way of staying in the now with celebs and such that I've assumed an interest in and view as another tool for my leisure entertainment, education and betterment. If I've listed them, whether it be male or female, they emit a persona or familiar experience and interests I've entertained. I mean... to name a few, Tom Hanks' character in Cast Away with the Wilson friendship development is often felt by loners such as myself. I don't have a ball or group of groceries I speak to, but I could seriously relate to the companionship for sake of sanity. Anyone I "follow" that can sang, are soother's of the savage beast in me. For instance, I can make out and enjoy every word Anita Baker and Kem Owens are singing so it makes sense and is easy to dissolve into. Whereas other fine artists have hot beats but you can barely make out the words so you settle for a rhythmic, hum and doont doont doont to suffice as lyrics.

Ben Stiller makes me lmao which is a necessary filter for my soul. I thought Tyrese was just a svelte body with a pretty face; but bay b, he is one multitalented engineer with a pretty heart to match. He's in the company of, to name a few people like Halle, Phillip S. Hoffman, Taraji, Denzel, Brad Pitt and Will Smith that can play ANY applied role. Whereas tho I love em... Bokeem Woodbine gets all the crazy shyt, Will Ferrel flows smoothly through hilarious immature adult roles, Tyrin Turner gets all the sloppy cry scenes, Meagan Good gets the sultry, kissy pretty young thang stuff, Gabrielle Union and Ashanti are easily signed to adult portrayal of a youth or scorned girlfriend scenes. Oh and it's ok too; I love em all, just assigning to my examples of variable vs the expected.

So yea, twitters coo for me because I don't have to say hi if I don't feel like it. I can just follow folks around with the assurance and probability that they're not followin me back... no entourages for me. Theres no strang attached to my thang per SE.