Sunday, January 24, 2010

Never Wanted My Face Back

Until around 5:02 this morning. I had a Facebook account back when they first put the covers on the book. I didn't care for it back then and vowed to never return. I get asked by family members to just come back anonymously(Im an EXTREME loner) so I can just be "connected". Hell, if we coo... ya got my number rite?. I may not answer but um, yep it's my number.

I like to refresh my history first thing each morning and Facebook is where I see a lot of family and familiar faces and am interested in their doings; behind the scene. I'm more of a lurker. I dig em from a distance. Well this morning while refreshing pages, I ran across some Chi town family that were fans of "Robert Taylor Homes"(now demolished) on the South side of Chicago. Blocks and Blocks of projects where most of us lived as a child and went on to raise our children there. I met my husband there, may he RIP. I hadn't been this entertained in a long time. I read of so many familiar memories, ie., schools, my participation in the election of Mayor Harold Washington, restaurants, good/bad activities and some tossed names etc. I wanted to scribble in my 2 to 10 cents a few times, but I'm not a member so my spying is limited. Dammit... never say never, the book has grown page by page it gets better every day! I'm thinkin....