Thursday, January 21, 2010

**Rough Neck Turkey Apple Chili

I call it rough neck simply because some of the ingredient amounts include a rough estimate. I rarely measure seasonings, usually just stopping when it looks about right. So if this is your first time making chili, this is prolly not for you. K? K...

I use ground turkey in place of beef, have for years now. The only time I use beef is if I'm making a recipe favorite for a paying customer that may not favor the adjustment. Although the one's that take a chance on it can rarely tell the difference. Turkey tends to take on the flavor of it's additives, seasonings and such while offering a much lower fat content.

ok I browned 1 lb of ground turkey in the actual pot I'd be adding to. There is usually no fat to pour off so it works for me. Once it's almost brown, I add some powdered beef bouillon and a bit of chili powder. Remember the turkey will easily assume the taste of it's company so do you on the limits of how much to add at this time because you're gonna add more later. In a skillet I have a couple tablespoons of Fleischmanns Olive Oil Spread, 1 medium diced each, onion, apple and green pepper; sprinkled with a couple scants of accent(flavor enhancer), cumin and coriander. I saute` that mixture on a low heat unt... {fuqqumean what's a scant? I told you if this is your first time, you're not rough enough for this recipe}...until transparent or just enough to take the crunch off. If you can't eyeball it, taste it.

While the fruit n veggie mix is sweatin, add 1 can each chili beans and diced tomatoes to the turkey. Add 1 - 6 oz can of tomato paste and one can or more of water, depending on your desired consistency. {what? the same effin can from the emptied paste... last warning!} Stir that together thoroughly. Add more chili powder, cumin, coriander, some pepper, seasoned salt or adobo, paprika, crushed red pepper, coarsely chopped jalapeno or not, it's according to your palette preference, season to YOUR taste. I used to add sugar but the apple is adding all I need in place of that.

Mix well stirring over low heat, add the apple/veggies and incorporate well. Let that break down for a while un{...okay that's it - get the FUQQ out. This ain't for you... breaking down is cooking till everything looks or tastes done to YOU}[rollin eyes] Turn heat down a lil lower while you hollow out(only if u want, a regular bowl works fine) a sourdough bread bowl, I get mine at Panera Bread; don't know if yall got that but whereeva. Turn chili off, fill hollowed bread bowl or your own house bowl[smirk] with the chili, top with cheese. I use 5 cheese Italian blend; mozzarella, Asiago, Parmesan, Romano and Provolone. You can do all, one or none, cheddar, or even a slice of "guvament" cheez if u like. Some corn chips and a dallop of sour cream sprinkled with chives. If you lack any of the aforementioned ingredients, well hell don't use em. Substitute baby, make it yours. Lets Eat