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Where Is It

Friday, January 15, 2010


I had a trip that's been scheduled for about a week now so I should have been prepared. But, you know how some of us women can be indecisive, so as I changed outfits, I also changed purses, shoes and coats. Finally, I found a cute travel outfit sporty and comfortable, sexy yet casual and very well put together. Loaded up the car, waited for my passengers, piled them in and was up from there. Got 60 miles away from the house and realized I left my drivers license, credit cards n cash. I wanted to turn back but a scheduled obligation would've been lost. I had the smell goods, lip gloss, hand sanitizer, travel size floss, couple other things that crowded my lil satchel and was good. I thought.

Thankfully one of my daughters had enough money on her to carry me and I prayed not to be pulled over because although the passengers had their Licenses, I'd rather not let anyone drive my car. Anyway, I made it, there and back. One of the best things was that I couldn't buy anymore un needed merchandise. First time this has ever happened to me, hopefully the last.