Monday, March 22, 2010

I Dreamt I Met Someone Once

Was it by chance or by fate that I became acquainted with someone that would later become one of the primary focuses of my day. There was first a visual attraction which over the course of a year transpired into that of a strong mental stimulation. Even during meditation, my friend would appear every two to three minutes. We shared our past and present experiences and spoke of how we'd possibly incorporate our future expectations into the lives of one another. I liked exchanging hopes and dreams. I longed for the calls that fueled my days. No one has instilled such an impact on me in quite some time. We are very similar in likes and dislikes. We've had mirrored obstacles. Our paths although slightly different, were very much the same. We walked in the same direction in two different states yet ended up in the same neighborhood of destruction. We overcame the devastation by different means however none the less, we're both stronger.

Emotions, Personalities, Memories, Distance, Jealousy, Production, Interferences, Deception, Disequilibrium's or simply change of heart has taken my muse. I'm left to wonder which or why the fun and inspiration ended. Maybe it's for the best for what is meant to be will be and that - that's not won't. I liked the feeling of being someone that is so much a reflection of another someone that our understandings are familiar realities. We snail mailed pieces of ourselves to connect the realization of our acquaintance. I have so much more I'd like to share. I miss my friend but we grew differently one day. We're no longer alike in the oh so important communication field. Sadly I'm left to second guess what may have happened, therefore I'd rather remember it all as a dream. How else could someone so perfect in likeness appear and disappear without warning?

You may think I'm talking in circles and riddles, but I bet my friend understands. My birthday is coming, I've received so many gracious gifts. This feels like my best year ever, with the exception of someone I met in a dream. The tradition is to make a wish, blow out the candles and hope...