Monday, March 8, 2010

I'mmmm Off To See...

The wizard, do you think he can help me?

I am desperately in need of will power to ward against over indulgences and testosterone filled young men.

If I ask nicely do you think he would give me a smile? Lately I've been easily angered and prone to bitch and moan.

What about an ear? To my surprise I haven't been a good listener these days. More of a talker, sorta indifferent at times.

Perhaps he could spare even an ounce of patience, seems like everything is on delay, too infrequent or in my way.

Maybe if I ask nicely he will grant me the strength to hold my tongue in situations that don't satisfy or accommodate me.

To ask of these things are proof that I'm aware and acknowledge fault. So needing them is obsolete, executing them to benefit a change is my only task.
Trip aborted!