Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Wonderful Acknowledgement

My birthday was the 24th of March. To me, this has been one of the more prosperous/rewarding years for me. I am still receiving "time"<--(best gift of all) for my day because actually the 24th is all mine. I celebrate before and after, but refuse to allow someone to compromise my days' focus on the years past and yet to come. Yea I am a brat but material things aren't the highlight of my acknowledgements. A call, email, or text will suffice.

A persons date of birth is a significance of their arrival and therefore is the one sure day of each year that I make a point to give them their just due.

I don't do Christmas gifts, that's Jesus' birthday and all praise goes to him. But on your day... it's just that. Especially with you in mind. If you're reading this and today it's YOUR birthday, Happy Birthday Bay! Enjoy...