Monday, June 7, 2010

I know I'm not in charge

Today I had prearranged errands to run. I got dressed and left the house feeling fine with the slight exception of not knowing my exact route. It's been a while since I'd traveled that area so having my every move down to a science is much needed to keep road rage and panic at bay. I decided on a short cut because hey, I know the streets and checked the news for road closures; nothing could go wrong.
So I thought
I kept missing my turn or kept turning when I should've kept straight. I went in the wrong direction approximately 3 more times before I called to vent to my traveling companion whom I was headed to pick up. I tried again and missed my turn, inadvertently ended up on the Interstate but exited when familiarity came into play. Still 100% uncertain of my direction until I saw another familiar street, called to confirm I was on the right track and on my way. Well the road immediately started looking unfamiliar then very familiar as it was taking me back in the direction of my own house. I called back and said this is a sign that I can't do it so I'm going home before I end up in A whole nuther state. I was extremely irate at my failed attempt, the traffic got worse as I got closer to home. I'm now spilling profanity every where, rolling my eyes at the light posts and anyone that dared to look in my direction. It's a wrap.

God is so remarkable in knowing I was not totally up to being on the street today. I thank him for taking me back home safely. He'd taken the wheel from the first wrong turn. I love that he knows me better than I know myself. I know there were one set of foot prints on my journey today and I know they weren't mine.