Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Welcoming Wii

I was told a few years ago by(lets exclude names1) that I would get a wii for my bday, then again(len2)for mothers day, well ok (len3)maybe Christmas. Nope Notta Never came.
[smh - shruggin shoulders AND rollin eyes]

I've gained 25lbs over the winter and it's less than a pretty site. I didn't do much of anything but consumed a bit of everything. That and being sedentary is the exact street you go down to arrive at obesity.
Shame on me...

Anywho, I saw it(the wii) on sale at two department stores yesterday and was determined to acquire it as a workout partner. My tennis partner is no more, my walking partner, was sadly yet necessarily eluded. Gym membership lapsed and I refuse to re-join. Now I have everything I need here at home to get and remain on track.

A combination of yesterday and today; playing tennis, boxing and bowling has netted me over three hours of play/game/workout time thus far. I got more in me. Lotsa major sweating and achieved a near pro level already.

Woo hoo.... fight/deuce/strike!