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Where Is It

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dear Dana

Wow D, I write this letter in tears for you. I sometimes wonder what I'd be doing or where I'd ended up had you not came along when I was 17 years old and thinking I ruled the streets of Chicago. You in so many ways and words pleaded with me to change my ways and be your girl. I did just that.

Well 28 years later, I've long since not been your girl; however it never changed the connection we have beyond our children. When I saw you a few years ago, as we celebrated with our entire immediate family and grand kids in the park for 8 hours; laughing, eating, playing and reminiscing, I recall the way you smiled every time you looked at me and said, "you really look good girl, aging very well." I said thank you in my flip lil way. Blushing and flaunting as I do.(smirk) Now I'm holding back the tears. I thought until today that you were battling lung cancer, it saddened me to steeper heights to hear it is brain cancer. (tear)...

Either and any form is intrusive and harsh. I wish you much comfort thru your recovery. I hope you received my correspondence. You know I'm good at talking and spending a few lines on paper. Like E.F. Hutton, everyone listened as I spoke(chuckle)... I talked and bitched so much and all you'd say was, "quack quack quack". Never violent, never giving up. I know you loved me. I thank you immensely for that.

Dana, the only thing I don't recall ever telling you is that I love you. I didn't know love as I do now. I didn't appreciate then as I do now. If I didn't tell you then, I'll tell you now(tear)...

I love you Dana, get well soon.