Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mental Cleansing

I've had so much going on and it all amounted up to around umm
let's say nothing. Well some of it was of good measure, but for
the most part I've been clouded.

I don't regret any of it, as it all was necessary for growth.
One would think to go the other way
when familiar obstacles begin to surface. I guess the more
attractive ones are harder to ignore. The ones that are
valuable, yet not yours to covet. Whether seasonable or
reasonable the stones that weighed me down will be moved and
the ones that are mine will be used to surmount me.
Yeah I know, I often talk in riddles; an enigma to most, but hey...
Take ya time, you'll catch on. The complexity in my way of
speaking is an acquired taste not easily swallowed or very well
consumed. My knowing what's being expressed is an accomplished
feat. I only spill these things here to get them out of me.
It suffices for me.

If my choices leave me in a state of what some would call loneliness or despaired, while I call it serene, then again, I've accomplished a sought after conclusion. There is only one person that can do me and we all know it's simply me! Sure someone or things out there can complete me, but for now... I'll call it, Me. 
I'm empty now, rambled out, once again making room for enhancements 
 Or a place to store the emptiness... who knows what my decisions have netted. Oh well, waiting.