Thursday, September 30, 2010


Oh eM Gee - I was just reminded by a friend of how/why I stored and gained this extra poundage. SMH - I actually cooked this in a span of one day for my kids, the friend and my self. (All from scratch)Hold the applause. I'm effin fat in places from this ish, not pudgy - fat.

I've ate like this for most of my life. I am an excellent cook and the natives loved it. I didn't gain more than 5 pounds for most of these years of gluttony ladened relationships.
Now look what I've done. Oooo weeee

Breakfast Buffet: Per our selections all or some. We at least tasted a smidget of all!

Smoked Pork Chops, Ham Steaks, Link Sausage, Bacon
Smothered Potatoes with Green Pepper n Onions, Scrambled Eggs w/Cheese and minced Jalapenos, Fried Apples, Silver Dollar Pancakes, Peach Crepes stuffed with Cream Cheese and Peaches then topped with heated Peach Preserves
Apple, Orange or Cranberry Juice

Insert> sleep, other stuff that starts with s, and kids out to do what they did at that day and age.

Home made Deluxe extra Cheese Pizza's w/ere thang & Fries, Pepsi or Fruit Punch

Insert> That thing that started with an S again. Kids bein kids

Pepperoni Lasagna, Garlic Butter Biscuits, Hot Wings

Insert> All of us playing either UNO or board games or both

Late Night:
Pecan Crunch topped Cheese Cake, Butter Pecan Ice Cream

Insert> you know(that "s" again)(no wonder I didn't gain weight)

In damn near every relationship I've been in(not all live in) we ate like this at least once a week. Tisk ti... Only funny thing about this is that I had one ex cat call me, my new cat answers the phone, as I am unavailable during holiday cooking time. They spend more than 10 minutes conversing about what I'm cooking and have cooked before for the other. How he envies yet congratulates him that HE's now enjoying the luxuries of my "talent(s)".

SMDH - Well at least they didn't tongue lash one another. See how good food brings people together?!(wink) Then makes um effin FAT(sigh)