Friday, September 24, 2010

Slippery/Clumsy Players

SMH... If you just have to be a "player" it would help for all hands involved to be dealt fairly. When I was in the "game", I kept my hand down. No other player or ee knew my hand. Everyone was equally satisfied with the outcome of my dealings. None of the others could simply guess by my actions or lack of, that I held multiple venues. I smiled, winked, showed admiration, appreciation and time with the same likeness. Even if I were more into another than the other, they had no clue. I was a true player. Never showed my hand. I told a player when they were out the game as soon as I lost interest or resulted to UNO status. One should not be left ambiguous to changes.

So ok here's a scenario:

I am the dealer per Se. I have 3 other suits on the table per Se. I take turns concurrently in expressing my interests and admiration for them; otherwise, someone may feel slighted and leave the game all together. Just because you are a bit more into one more so than the other, AT THE MOMENT, doesn't mean you have to give total attention to just that one person, which leaves the other's unattended and free to take on another game. Now they almost despise you for your flagrant disregard. As a matter of fact it's not so much being clumsy as it is you just not being a real or even classified player. Get yo game and mind right before you elicit the play. When I call game over, it's a wrap.
Epic fail - You lose!

Player Stat Levels:

Beginner: Attempting to satisfy more than one suitor
Intermediate: Having and showing consistent good intentions
Professional: Having a completely satisfied non suspecting flock Period!