Saturday, November 6, 2010


How do I figure, sum, calculate your measure you're so different, remarkably intriguing. Your execution is like none other yet it's received with a comfortable familiarity. A cherished likeness to mine own and that of interesting reads and wants. Your way is what I need. You're not all together complex but have shown up in a place that had been missing from my perimeter of beings. No one says that, no one challenges that, no one soothes this. I mean other than a dream you keep on dreaming in hopes that a reality is near, no one presents like you. For me to sit amidst your words and ways is my benefit. I do that, I say that, I reflect this and you own it so well. Now tell me, not to compromise your integrity but tell me, don't you feel it too? You say you love me but you can't possibly love me as much as I love you. There's no way. If the sky's the limit, you must be up there, surpassing it looking down at my approach. Naw... there's no way you could possibly get the gains I hold just from thinking of you. Sometimes I can ....
[ding ding ding] "Please pass your essays forward" Shit...

You completely throw me. I messed up. An F for incompletion.
The essay was to be about power, I gave it all to you. Maybe I should turn this in.
It's sort of the same thing right?