Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Arrived at the polling spot early this morning looking casually fly. Had a lil bounce in my step that was fueled by my confidence and the fact that I show up systematically to make my "mark". I see some folks outside. These are usually the folks that may hand you literature on whom they wish you'd select.
Nope nothing... For the 27 years I've been voting someone usually has something. Not today.

As I became within an ears reach of em, I gleefully said, "g'morning". Nothing... not a word. [shrug] I'm going in,  donning a smile anyway. Get inside no one's around except the polling volunteers. "G'morning"... Nothing. Again, no one says a word. I scan the trail of signs along the table to see if they were significant to last name initials or such... Nothing. So I gaze upon them all and say, "Smith". One of the "workers" raised her head from a slumber and said, "Camille?" I veered in her direction and said, "no". I showed another my ID and she said, "hmmm, what's the red heart stand for?" "It means I'm a donor". I looked at the card directly at the heart that was just beneath the word donor to make sure it was still visible. Yep.. there it is.
Confirmed my information; still smiling, I took the candidate listing slip, made my marks.

As I submitted the ballot, I was handed a sticker which indicated my status per today's visit. Waited to see the number count turn to 65. I Affixed the sticker immediately because somehow I felt as if they all wished I hadn't shown up. Well I did. I wore my action proudly upon my chest all day and will now remove it to retire for the evening. Today was a good day, in spite of!