Saturday, November 20, 2010


my version:
I'm just an ordinary girl. You may meet me today and I am the epitome of perfection. See me next week and perhaps my hair isn't done. No I do not spend dollars and cents on up and over do's. I do my own hair when it's necessary and or feasible, for I know the power of a good wig or cute ass hat.

I'm not high maintenance. Sure you thought that when you saw my medi-pedi in flawless order. I must've been expecting you. I'm also the designated groomer of my nails and feet and well uh, you know the rest. I won't do chipped polish on the nails, I just take it all off and trust me they won't be filed in synchronized order either. I keeps the heels smooth but I fair likewise on the toe nail shaping. Who really gives change for a fuqq about that. Won't find that here. Not regularly anyway.

You will always find me clean and attractively scented. Or u won't be near enough to notice otherwise.
No alternative to that.

Lastly but certainly most definitely and most of all more importantly; I was the nicest, sweetest, softest lil mama you've ever met. Well that was yesterday and now you're introduced to another me. I'm not the first female you've encountered. That evil, moody, contradicting, emotional resemblance to your female family members ie., mom, sis, aunt flaky nem... yep we all have unwarned multi emotional flaws.
It's the way of the girl.
Like it or leave it!

Dwele's version: