Sold Out

There are no more passes
No more advances
Not one free ride
You've exhausted your chances

Some things we say are taken for granted
We hope that you believe us
While thinking this could all be true
What your table displays is malicious

To think that I would sit real still
And wait until you were ready
Is such a belittling insulting ordeal
That overwhelms me to an extent of heavy

As I move on to my initial plans
Which suddenly does not include you
I wish for you whatever it is
That can ultimately satisfy or subdue you

My putting this here in open sight
Is not my way of a challenge
My only intent is to toss out some words
Sorta lessening my imbalance

My only regret is a parcel post
To introduce me to your palate
Nothing to do with you so much
But an ill representation of my talent

For all the things I've showed you
For as long as this went on
I was completely and authentically me
And for the shot I gave it... so long

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