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"Privacy Fence"

Yes it's slotted, so hows it private? It's a tease It's tall too, but so is the treasure it protects Very preventive, if I want it to be See you'd have to go around if you don't have the key I'd have to literally open it for you Sorta LET you in Unless You know the password You have what it takes to bypass the code You can't use trickery You can't break or tear it down Yes, you can use skill No you can't have a clue If you can hop THAT fence You can hop THIS fence...



Delicate Ambiguities


Do you see what eye see

Beauty IS in the eye of the beholder. The same holds true for the consumer when they know what they're looking at.
If you've ever visited an art museum, you may have questioned the birth of a "piece", puzzled by it's focus. What was the artist thinking. What was on their mind as they whittled or sketched away so eagerly. Once you're able to dissect art, you've seen magic. It unfolds within you as if you're witnessing it's direction, and it visually comes to life.

You can't just look at it, you have to look in it. It may not make sense to you at first, but if you really want to feel what the artist felt, you'll find it. Or maybe not. And that's OK too. All art is beautiful and meaningful to me, I have the gift of reading it. When seeing a formation of colors, directions, dimensions and elevations, it's literally breath taking to me.

I'm thoroughly interested in reading, even if there aren't any words. Art is to be read, it'…

What Did You Do Last Night - Dizzy Lady

I like how you looked, when I looked at you, while you were
looking at me last night
I love how you smiled when I smiled at you, while you were smiling
at me last night
Yea Yea Yea...
I dig what you said when I talked to you, while you were talking
to me, last night
I thought that you were thinking of me, while I was thinking of
you last night
I dreamed that you were dreaming of me...
blah blah blah...

I hope you didn't see me, when I seen you last night
I hope that chick I saw you with, won't be with you all night
You're leaving here this evening, please don't be gone all night
I'll wake you in the morning, or maybe late tonight
If you're mad that I'm mad at you, for what you did last night
Just think of how I feel here without you every night
Don't start...
I like that you were crying when I cried for you last night I hate that you were leaving, when you left here last night You promised you wouldn't fight me, when we fought last night I knew that you were lying w…


Hi, the self protectant part of me could only make it this far. The loving compassionate part of me is the reason I'm up placing it here at 4:15 am, in hopes it meets your eyes someday.

To recognize that you haVe been one of the most necessary, beneficial to growth people I have ever met. There were times when at my lowest point, you were there to comfort and assure me. My first/last auto wreck, you were second to 911 becAuse as I said you have a calming effect. My dad was ailing til passing and I chose you to hear the ugly crY, because I knew you didn't care how I sounded as I released. You consistently embraced my sadness and sootheD it with your kind words and understandings. On the days when I got in my own way, fumbled around and just couldn't get right, there you were to correct my steps. For everyday of our season, and for every reason why God placed us, you need to know I genuinely Appreciate and thank you for fulfilling your role. The biggest part of me will always…

The Art Of Schooling

Perfect teaching

Is nothing other than Sharing with
the knowledge that we claim as our
My heart is teaching me
How to be pure.

My soul is teaching

How to be happy.
I am
teaching you

That no one is Perfect.

That we all can be taught
To be and do

The Ultimate Transfer

There's gotta be another way there.

For about 6 years now, I've been trying to get to a higher, happier, healthier destination. Yet I've relied on the same mode of transportation. A similar vehicle per Se to replace another and although I gain some knowledge of where I'm headed, I consistently arrive at the same hazardous familiar avenue. 
It's like I've been waiting on a train in a station that's long since been condemned. The train is never coming, I'm taking the wrong approach. Sitting here year after year hoping just one day the road will open and I can finally board.

As I gather my "things" to move on, I'm not bitter. I grasp mental notes and occurrences of passer by's and things I've seen, shared and allowed to exist while I sat. A waste of time yes to some degree, but the quality of the time spent was frequently warm and welcoming. Disguising itself as valuable.

Almost as if I were destined to sit there to wait, learn and fin…

Getting TOO Personal

One of my issues of communication, is that I am "some timey" I will admit that, and have. You may catch me on a good day and I am all talk. A little flirty and overly informational. I am however, honest. And will not hold back on what must be stressed and or addressed. If at any time I don't respond, I'm either unavailable, or you have caught me at an inopportune time.

The one thing that I have grown to despise is that freakin IM (Instant Messenger). That thing can be a gateway to all things personal. It is one of the first things "some men" ask for in an initial conversation. Yea it makes for quicker communication. But once you give that ID out, your privacy is often invaded unless you are "ghost" which I often am, I'll admit. By the way, I always tell someone at first, "I'm hardly ever on there and am really not into using it". Nor and especially that darn web cam. My main use of the "msngr" is to be alerted of antic…

The Seven Day Commitment

For seven straight days and nights
It's just you and me
We'll learn one another
I'll teach you of me
I'll further understand you
No one in
No one out
No phones No PC(arrrgg, very tough)
This is yours
That is mine
Ours is what we come up with
Selfish at first
Strange and new
The entire 7
Balanced Emotions
Familiar Equations
Settling and Accepting
Wanting more each day
Sharing time and space
We were fun
We done it now what
Who are we
Did we commit to become us
I hope so
It's day 8
I like you just as much as you like me
Yes I still do
More Please