Friday, April 15, 2011


Hi, the self protectant part of me could only make it this far. The loving compassionate part of me is the reason I'm up placing it here at 4:15 am, in hopes it meets your eyes someday.

To recognize that you haVe been one of the most necessary, beneficial to growth people I have ever met. There were times when at my lowest point, you were there to comfort and assure me.
My first/last auto wreck, you were second to 911 becAuse as I said you have a calming effect. My dad was ailing til passing and I chose you to hear the ugly crY, because I knew you didn't care how I sounded as I released. You consistently embraced my sadness and sootheD it with your kind words and understandings.
On the days when I got in my own way, fumbled around and just couldn't get right, there you were to correct my steps. For everyday of our season, and for every reason why God placed us, you need to know I genuinely Appreciate and thank you for fulfilling your role.
The biggest part of me will always love you!