Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Ultimate Transfer

There's gotta be another way there.

For about 6 years now, I've been trying to get to a higher, happier, healthier destination. Yet I've relied on the same mode of transportation. A similar vehicle per Se to replace another and although I gain some knowledge of where I'm headed, I consistently arrive at the same hazardous familiar avenue. 
It's like I've been waiting on a train in a station that's long since been condemned. The train is never coming, I'm taking the wrong approach. Sitting here year after year hoping just one day the road will open and I can finally board.

As I gather my "things" to move on, I'm not bitter. I grasp mental notes and occurrences of passer by's and things I've seen, shared and allowed to exist while I sat. A waste of time yes to some degree, but the quality of the time spent was frequently warm and welcoming. Disguising itself as valuable.

Almost as if I were destined to sit there to wait, learn and find "stuff" to grow on so that I may go on.

The single most lesson I learned was to pay attention to the signs. Just because the doors are open, doesn't necessarily mean the "place" is fully functional.