Monday, May 9, 2011

Bigger Balder Badder

Okay y'all, if we've conversed, you know how I feel about unveiling my new shorter natural doo. I shaved it completely except for a brow length bang back in July of 2010. As it grew back I didn't know what to do with it, sick of braids and perm. Well I guess if I'm gonna start somewhere, I will make it here. I am so self conscious about my size and my hair so it's really taking a lot of adjusting to. The weight goes up and down so I'm better with that but the hair length is too new. I'm used to having length perhaps I thought it was taking concentration away from my mid section.
I started these two strand twists myself on 4/3/11 using the Jamaican Mango Lime Locking Creme wax because that's what some cute lil girl in the line at Walmart used to start hers. I know wax isn't a good choice as it creates a barrier where moisture gets limited penetration. I guess(shrug). I don't want them to lock at all in case I change my mind.
I later did the same twists with 100% African Shea Butter and got pretty much the same results as far as hold is concerned. My biggest challenge is to leave em the fluck alone. At first I untwisted, washed and re twisted every weekend. I've now gotten up to two weeks and these pics are actually done using nothing. I took them aloose to moisten and starting playing in it and admiring the curly look and thickness. I've never done twists or locs of any formation, but I'm learning and expect to getter better quick. A couple of my braid clients are inquiring, so woo hoo $$!

I decided to retwist immediately without washing and without an aid ie,. creme, gel, wax or anything. It's holding perfectly so I'm learning, it's growing so fast and well... that's it. This is whats under the wigs and cute lil hats.