Monday, January 23, 2017


When is it fair to throw in the towel in love and war?
The biggest part of the challenge is the wait. The timing it takes to be sure if he/she is the one. It can be an extremely overwhelming experience. Although fun and rewarding at times, you almost can compare it to having placed money in a vending machine, selecting an item and have it get lodged to the point it's never coming out. You beat, pause, shake, curse, tilt and press until you've exhausted every measure of having and savoring it. Yeah... you still want it, but at some point you have to give up and walk away. It's not considered quitting when it's clear you'd never prevail.

Your investment in love is not that much different. You've left marks and signs that you were there. A word, a scent, a token, a gesture an image. Some things will be lost but never ever forgotten. You may be preoccupied for a minute, but if even for a second, a memory of what once was will come into play.

Appreciate it, because at that very second, it paid off. Cherish these little things. Collectively, all of the seconds will add up to time well spent.