Friday, August 5, 2011

When I Was 4

When I was just 4 years old, I had my very first professional art kit and I remember it just like yesterday. I loved it!
As early as 4, I recall my father having a separate family that offered my sister and I a new place to run and laugh and learn. With more sisters and even another mother.(whodathunkit?) 
I was still growing into my personality at 4, but everyone knew I'd be someone special.
All little 4 year old girls want bright pretty things to play with. 4 year olds are smart enough to know what they want and don't want or like and dislike. We have a favorite food. A favorite song. Our favorite television show. That perfect outfit to match the favorite shoe. When we're just 4, we have no idea how far and wide our range of life will soar. We just know that each year there's another candle. We don't know what to anticipate as an adult. All we know is that they're much bigger than us. One of the best things that happened when I was 4, is that my prince was born.

Born 4 years 22 days after me. I didn't know at 4, but somewhere between then and now, I knew what my preference of my ideal guys' physical appearance should be. In August of 2008 he found me, more than 500 miles away. Since then, we've kept in touch. Exchanged gifts, expressed intimacy, fell apart, pulled together, changed and remained the same. During that time, I learned what my ideal guys' character should be. Of all the things that happened when I was 4, the one that took me over 40 years to find, is my most cherished. The years without you were my growing years. The 3 years that I've known of you have aided in my learning and sharing years. May the next 4+ years continue to bring the same if not greater comfort and completeness as the first.
(smile) Happy Anniversary Vayda, I Love You!