Can you relate?! There are many instances in life that compare to having wasted your time.
Some things are comparable to being on a waiting list for years just to be told, "that list is now closed".
Or what about being in line for an item and finding out right before you're up next, that the item is sold out. Or the item was never available; got you lured in with false advertising.
Pure fuckery and deceit. 
This is simply the kinda shit you never forget. You try to move on and look for an alternate "item". One that will function the same, but you're careful not to wait too long. Especially if it's not promised to you.
There will be other items, but your time is lost forever. What a waste.
There should be a law. Not a rain check but an actual law that impedes this behaviour. I'd prosecute to the fullest! Out of line... literally!

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