Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Lyrically Speaking

Eeeevery now and then, someone comes along that piques my curiosity. Someone attractive, talented and wise. Eeeevery now and then I have a talk with myself about "lane changes" and "merges." How I promised myself to remain focused on my primary interests, goals, directions. Ponderance on how easy it is to become distracted by flesh. Now music... music is a whole nuther group o pattersons. I love reading the messages of music just as much as visual art; and when it's being delivered via mode of flesh... Somebody stop me. Lawd that man can sing, his chords speak volumes while never uttering a word. Talented indeed.

I'm emotionally busy with someone else and likewise is the "flesh"(yeah we'll call em that). I'm enjoying it; the time and devotion to my "bigman", is all his. That being spilled, the reconstruction of and positioning of the road blocks of love and life, shall remain intact. Today. Today I'll bask in only the music and denounce the flesh and his wisdom. No matter how tempting the arrival.
But damn...