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Where Is It

Friday, January 6, 2012

**Damn Bus...

I have always had a crush on Busta Rhymes. Well not always... I think my first real celeb crush was Rick James and my wanting to "give it to em baby". Then Busta. Next was Laurence Fishburne, then he did some extra fancy shit or something that made me re-evaluate my lust tank. Then Terrence Howard show'd up in Best Man with his line of, "Tell me you like it" as he placed the garter on the chickamajigga's leg. I hated him in Dead Presidents mane, but yeah... that "like it" line redeemed him. Then Mr. Busta Rhymes again. Oh and then(and now- while I'm play'n) Eamonn Walker, and back to Bus. Ole sexyfinefuckaliciousass so n so. Sigh...

The only thing that scares me about him is that, he may be a bit more sexually experienced than me(if I were to ever have the pleasure) and I wouldn't be able to keep up. Now if he just wanna "do it" not quite fuck - but just "do it" I think I can take E'm. Yep - I earned this nick name "Angel Dust" at a very young age for my naturally addictive nature. I've been abstinent for a few years for sanity's sake, but I know I can still break him up. Anyway, I tend to love and listen to rap regularly. Especially when I'm in traffic. It helps me deal with the inadequacies of the other drivers with less road rage and mellows my cuss o meter per Se.
I mixed my CD's to form a perfect ride out formula  and titled it "Driving Beats". It starts with Lil Boosie, "Swerve On Um" possibly not the exact title but so what, this here my juke joint!! Then I believe it's Busta's "We Want In" both self explanatory to the very early actions of driving and merging and such. But the final fuck the rest for the rest of the trip cuz dis niqqa got lyrics arriving and departing in total beast mode is um(hol on - I done made me a grilled cheese w/pepperoni and it's gettin cold. I just made this shit up so hol on)...........    ............    ............
See what "Trevor" does to me? I haven't cussed this much since uhhhh, hell the car in between tracks, lol. Naw - we all grown. But I rolled more than 20 miles replaying this verse right here:{I may be off a word or two, but so-shut the fuck up & see the highlighted rules 10 lines up}

From the track "I'm a Go n Get" from Back On My BS ...
Mr Rhymes: "he had a couple dudes to support e'm, actin all extra like he had that thing on e'm and after we finished beating on e'm, and now he knew we ain't playin, that's when he walked away say'n"

Mike Epps nem or ?: "I'ma go n get my 25 - overall 27 - be back in 13 minutes wit even 20 - be back wit 27 nigga's wit them 38's"   do do do do dooo

Okay... as u were. I just had to get all that out. Got me runnin round here singin n re singin this shit. And writing it down like somebody gone call for a stand in or a gangsta grandma rap off or som'n.