Tuesday, January 10, 2012

"Ouch"! no really... Ouch

I had no idea that I was allergic to fresh pineapple.
Last year I bought a fresh pineapple so I could add it to General Tso's Chicken that I'd prepared to over night ship to a dear friend of mine. After I cut and cored it, I began to just eat slice after slice and by the third one, my tongue was on fire. It felt as if I turned my back and someone sprayed it with mace. It literally stung and took my taste buds away, so I had to just eyeball the rest of the ingredients because I couldn't taste if whether or not I applied the right amount of seasonings. I also prepared a Lasagna and it too was iffy on the seasonings. They both turned out to be my worst fixings. He said he enjoyed it but...[shrug]I didn't throw it away, I just ate it sparingly the next couple of days and never checked with a doc or thought anything serious was connected. 

Okay so yesterday was the first time I bought and ate one since last year and baaaaaaaaBy, same thing. First couple of slices were cool and then I got to the third that I'd cut up in a salad and wtf??? I eat canned pineapple all the time and don't get this adverse reaction. My greedy ass trys to eat more because it's delicious. I have Romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, mesquite chicken breast and the pineapple. You would think it was a bowl of cactus or glass shards and needles. My tongue is burning and I seriously don't want to toss it but now the entire salad is on fire. DAMN!!!

So I googled allergy symptoms and there it is... everything that's going on in my mouth and shortly thereafter, my throat and I'm scared of going into an anaphylactic shock or something so I put my kid and a close friend on call back duty to check on me later and come to think of it, I haven't heard from neither of them bitches so ummm, yea... shows how serious they took it. I kept a phone very close to me in case I needed to call for emergency transport and slept with a phone on the bed.

Come to find out, the allergy is ode to the bromelain, which is a natural enzyme found in pineapple that gets killed off during processing which is why I'm not bothered by the canned version. Other than the taste, my main reason for eating it was for the so called bromelain dietary benefits.
Daaaannng... I so wanna eat some more of it. Shooooot. Oh well, I froze it and will perhaps let someone else have it since I can't bring my greedy ass to just throw it out. Ugh, I hate that.