Sunday, March 25, 2012

Acceptance Speech

Who me?[applause]
Oh wow [making my way to the stage]
[rambles on] OMG... who knew?!
excuse me... excuse me... omg

[steps over previous birthdays] wow!

OMG [voice trembles]
I want to first thank GOD for bringing me this far! I am generously and genuinely blessed and highly favored.

I want to thank my sister Terry for always being there,
for understanding and loving me.
I want to thank my daughters and son who are my life. I love them more than words can express.

I want to thank my sister's Paula and Chris for embracing me as the middle sister and putting up with my shenanigans[lol]
I want to thank Vayda for being the best male friend I've ever met. You are and always will be my #1 draft pick[bites lip and grins]
Uhm... I want to thank Tim for making sure I drove away in that sexy new 2012. [smirks] We better hold off on anything else[winks] *laughter from the audience*
And last but certainly not least, I want to thank my son in laws. Greg and Darrow. Darrow I may not show it, but I love you boy. You's a grown ass man and I know it, But you are indeed my boy. Thank you for all you've added to my new year!
Point blank, my 48th birthday is a bestie!
[gets the wrap up music and exits the stage]!!