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Olive Juice

Know it!

Believe It!

Don't Forget It!


It's 10:46 p.m. and I just finished showering, brushing my teeth and doing the dishes. While doing each of these things, I'm thinking of you. The way I feel about you and how we've come so far from a leisurely hello to an abundance of us.
So much has happened; but the most of it, is that we or at least I, became so attached. I wanted to be a part of your everyday. I still do. There has been times when it appeared that you'd gone on with your life and forgot about me. Like someone else has taken my place in your heart. Well I won't wish you luck with love. I'd be lying if I said that. I've taken place in numerous competitions and never did I wish the opponent "good luck", I want to win as well. I want you too. I love you too.
Longer story short; if what I believe evolved from when I was 4, I'll be here for the next round. Especially if it's where I'm supposed to be. And if we were something else, then Good Bye but never Good Luck. I told…

Perseverance of a Teacher

What ever happened that made you say Enough
For that day when you stopped and asked yourself Why
When you decided that you were bigger than your cravings
There are no more questions about "back then". You did it. You won and will continue winning. Easier said than done are the challenges we set out to conquer. Nay sayers, peers, and our own selves stand in the way of success. They see you now, we see you now, you see you now. Men like you are few. A man like you Vayda, has a will to accomplish. Other's and I have learned a lot from you and We thank you for sharing your strengths and comforting us throughout our weaknesses. One day, week, month and year at a time has been proven attainable when it's what must be. I congratulate you on another year of completion.
Happy Anniversary Sir! Keep Climbing.


Life today is not very different than yesterday or a prediction for tomorrow. We go about ourselves the way we want to. Not paying much attention or caring what some people may think of us. However, there are a lot of people that do care. They care what someone thinks, or how they'll be perceived. If I say or do this, what will they say. If I do or don't wear that, what will they think. You are the only one that has to live with your decisions.(UNLESS they affect another) They are a direct reflection of you and how it, them, or that makes you feel at that time.

Some of us are easily embarrassed. We put ourselves out there for the world to see and then want to withdraw it if and when we have changed our minds. Some of us don't care if you see our mistakes. We all make them. Not all of us will own them, and that's okay. With me anyway... because I don't give a fuck what you decide to or not with YOUR life. If it bothers you, stop telling everyone your intentions. Stop…

In and out of Me

Some days I feel happy normal and serene
Other days I barely feel at all
I can be cool or extensively alright with it
Tomorrow I'll sorta want to expire completely
A word A voice A look A smell quickly decides my day
I'm exhausted from running In & Out
A familiar never ending journey 
Today I'm in a good place with me


Realistic Word Play

There are many types of "nuts". They have different shapes, sizes, names, colors and flavors. Long story short... No matter how you crack it, him, her, them... A nut is just that(period)